Posted March 16, 2017

On Thursday, March 9, Grade 6 students heard from Dr. Leona Ba on “Continuing to Build a Culture of Inclusion at St. Patrick’s.” Drawing upon her 18 years of experience working with organizations and teams, nationally and internationally, to improve their performance, Dr. Ba engaged our students in reflecting upon their multiple talents and personal experiences and the ways in which they contribute to the rich tapestry of community we have here at St. Patrick’s. Dr. Ba's presentation reinforced students' ongoing consideration of the importance of non-cognitive skills in their lives.

Students looked at the Day School Mission Statement and Creed, discussed the ways in which these documents guide our community norms and expectations, and participated in interactive exercises meant to highlight our common goals and unique experiences and perspectives. Dr. Ba led the students in an important exploration of the difference between diversity and inclusion, and we brainstormed what an inclusive community requires. In addition, we explored how culture affects the way we see and experience the world around us and the importance of finding points of intersection with one another, especially with those about whom we know the least or from whom we appear to differ the most. Students ended the morning by thinking about how each one of them could do something to enhance a deepening spirit of inclusion at St. Patrick’s.

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