Posted February 9, 2017

On Tuesday, February 21, St. Patrick's faculty will engage in a day of professional development comprising workshops on inquiry-based learning and the cultivation of professional culture. Faculty will also engage in individual classroom work. Brief descriptions of the important work teachers and administrators will undertake on that day follows. It is sure to be a good day of learning and reflection.

Teachers in Nursery through Grade 5 will spend part of the day in an inquiry-based workshop led by Project Zero facilitator Vaijayanti Wagle. Using Harvard's Project Zero framework, Ms. Wagle will lead faculty in following three lines of thinking: What is understanding? How is understanding different from knowing? How do we harness inquiry to gain understanding?

At the same time, teachers in Grades 6 through 8 will meet with members of the group Wonder, by Design to examine how they will create and nurture a culture of professional collaboration and innovation as they move into the new middle school building in the fall of 2017.

Also on Tuesday, faculty will meet in groups based on curriculum areas to revise and refine the scope and sequence for each discipline. While this work is important every year, it is even more so as we prepare for the self-study phase of our reaccreditation process with the Associaton of Independent Maryland and D.C. Schools (AIMS). This process of ensuring that the documentation of our curriculum is as current as possible will give us a better starting point from which to evaluate the effectiveness of our overall program. Finally, to support our desire for more interdisciplinary learning, faculty members will meet in smaller grade-level or department-level teams to collaborate, discuss, and plan current or upcoming units or projects. Each of these undertakings helps ensure that the experience your sons and daughters have is as full and engaging as it can be.

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