Key Contacts & Faculty/Staff Directory

Position Name Phone
School Office/Absences Charisse Noche (202)342-2805/3456
Whitehaven Campus Office Manager Louise Hayes (202)342-2804
MacArthur Campus Office Manager, Grades 7 and 8 Judy Barr (202)650-5325
Head of School Peter A. Barrett (202)342-2804
Head of Upper School/Assistant Head of School Dan Spector (202)342-2825
Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations/ Chief Financial Officer Terry Armstrong (202)342-2815
Assistant Head of School for Development Scott Tomlinson (202)342-3454
MacArthur Campus Director Ann Adams (202)650-5326
Assistant Head of Upper School/Director of Outplacement The Rev. Amy C. Yount (202) 295-6465
Head of Lower School Jenifer Congdon (202)342-2809
Assistant to Head of Lower School Trissy McHenry (202)342-2830
Head of Nursery School Nancy White (202)342-2806
School Chaplain The Rev. Katie Solter (202)342-2818
Assistant Head of School/Enrollment, Communication, and Marketing Jennifer Danish (202)342-2807
Director of Admission and Financial Aid Sara Dickson
Director of Communication    Chris O'Shea (202)342-3453
Student Billing - Accounts Receivable Minnie Ivery (202)342-3458
Facilities Manager/Building Use Mike Matthews (202)342-2835
Development Assistant Adelaide Barrett (202)342-7008
Health Office Sharon Gellin, RN (202)342-2820
School Counselor David Evans LCSW (202)342-2826
Director of Auxiliary Programs Dr. Rhia Hamilton (202) 342-2808
Extended Day Director Holli Matze (202)295-6476
Director of Athletics Seamus Brophy (202)342-7248
School Library ReAnna Laney (202)342-2811
Rector The Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard (202)342-2828
Church Office (202)342-2800
School Office Fax (202)342-7001