The New Field

At its April 2011 meeting, the Board of Trustees authorized the Day School to sign a contract with Facchina Construction company to begin work on Phase I on the Foxhall Campus. Facchina, a design/construction firm founded in 1987 and headquartered in southern Maryland, will oversee the construction of the Day School’s first regulation-size athletic field, improvements to Foxhall road, and infrastructure for future development at the site.

“Successful completion of Phase I – construction of field and the strengthening of our capital base through the reduction of debt – and the concurrent work to expand and improve our growing physical education and athletics programs is the first in a series of steps that will make St. Patrick’s even more vibrant and dynamic than it is today,” said Board Chair Jane Korhonen. “Even while we work to bring this $8-million effort to a close, planning for Phase II is underway, bringing us ever-closer to our shared vision of a Nursery through Grade 12 St. Patrick’s.”

The Day School’s state-of-the-art field will feature high-quality artificial turf and be sized to accommodate high school regulation soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey games. Students of all ages will benefit from the field’s use in physical education classes and after school for clinic, intramural, interscholastic practice and play. In addition to the field itself, Phase I will include the construction of a 3,000-square-foot central plaza area to be used for community gatherings and stadium seating that will accommodate approximately 600 Wolfhound fans.

“It is exciting to think that by this time next year (Spring 2012) our students will learning, practicing, and competing on our new field,” said Athletic Director Vicky Brunt. “We continue to build our athletic program and look forward to showcasing our Wolfhounds to the Washington community on a home field.”

Phase I will also include the construction of the entrance to the Foxhall Campus located directly across from the German Ambassador’s residence, a new stoplight and crosswalk to regulate the flow of vehicles and allow pedestrians to cross to the campus, and infrastructure improvements in preparation for further development.

 Construction is currently underway; the new field will be ready for play by spring 2012.