The goal of the art program is to awaken and develop the art spirit in each student by cultivating a deeper awareness of their innate powers of observation and discovery.  Innovation and experimentation intersect with learned skills to empower students in the expressive language of the visual arts.  Through art-making with a variety of media, students are encouraged to to reflect on and represent a deeper understanding of their own life experiences.

Creative and artistic expression abounds in the St. Patrick’s art program. A walk into any of our wonderful art studios and through the hallways and classrooms tells the story of a dynamic art program—prints, collages, sculptures, self-portraits, ceramics, drawings, and paintings adorn the walls and display cabinets. 

The art program at St. Patrick’s strives to provide a strong and comprehensive foundation in the skills, language, tools, habits, and understandings that lead to confidence in and appreciation for each discipline.

St. Patrick's has three light-filled art studios: Lower School, Upper School, and the MacArthur Campus.