Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

As part of our mission of equity and inclusion, St. Patrick's is committed to providing the opportunity for students from various economic circumstances to attend the Day School. St. Patrick's offers only need-based financial aid to qualified students. There are no merit awards. In support of this goal, the Board of Trustees designates funds for the Financial Aid Program each year. In 2015-2016,  the school will provide approximately $1.9 million in grants to 19% of the student body.

Independent school education is an investment and a major financial commitment. St. Patrick's believes that all families applying for financial aid bear a responsibility to pay their children's tuition and additional educational costs to the best of their ability.

St. Patrick's strives to provide financial aid grants to all qualified applicants for admission. In some cases, however, a qualified applicant may be offered admission along with a space in our financial aid wait-pool. Grants are awarded to students in the financial aid wait-pool only as funds become available during the spring.

Financial Aid Process

To ensure objectivity, St. Patrick's uses Tuition Aid Data Service (TADS) to evaluate applications. Based on a family's financial information, TADS provides us with an estimated amount that your family can contribute towards educational expenses, which helps us make objective and fair financial aid decisions. To begin your financial aid application for the 2016-2017 enrollment year, follow the steps below. 


Step 1 -

Currently enrolled families must submit the online financial aid application to Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) by January 30, 2016.

Applicant families must submit the online financial aid application to Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) by January 30, 2016.

Please download the application worksheet so that you may gather all necessary information prior to applying online.

Click here for worksheet:
Click here to apply at

To apply online go to or click here to begin your application:Click here to apply at

You only need to complete one application, even if you have several children applying to an individual school. You will set a user name and password so that you may save information and return to it at a later date before submitting it. From there select DC, St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School. You can associate your application to other schools at the end of the online application. If you have questions about the TADS submission process, you may call TADS directly at 800-477-8237 for more information.

Step 2 -


SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (which should be submitted directly to TADS) are:

  • A copy of both parents' or guardians' 2015 1040 federal tax return with all schedules and W2’s.
  • If either parent or guardian is self-employed, a copy of the 2015 corporate tax return.
  • Supplemental Information Form which will be provided by TADS upon completion of the on-line application.

Currently enrolled families must submit the supporting documents directly to Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) by February 20, 2016.  

Applicant families must submit the supporting documents directly to Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) by January 30, 2016.


1201 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 100
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

BY FAX: 612-548-3326 

Please do not not send either the application or supporting documents to St. Patrick's.

Questions regarding the financial aid process may be directed to:

Sara Dickson
Director of Admission and Financial Aid





This online application will be available beginning on October 1, 2015.

Click here to apply at Financial assistance is available for tuition, activity fees, lunch, and extended day coverage. St. Patrick's offers a wide range of grants each year to families of various financial circumstances.


Financial Aid Timeline

TADS will begin accepting online applications: October 1, 205

Financial aid application due to TADS:
Applicants deadline: January 30, 2016
Currently enrolled families deadline:
January 30, 2016

Supporting materials (IRS 1040, W-2) due to TADS:
Applicants deadline: January 30, 2016

Currently enrolled families deadline: February 20, 2016

Decision letters:

New applicants, with all materials filed: March 1, 2016
Currently enrolled families, with all materials filed: late March 2016