Post-Deadline Applications

Though our preliminary application deadline for the 2017-2018 school year has passed, we welcome applications at particular grade levels. Please contact Sara Dickson, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at 202-342-2831 with any questions.


Watch the video above to learn about play-based education in the St. Patrick's Nursery School! For an HD version of this video, please click here. For more information about play-based learning at St. Patrick's, please read this issue of the St. Patrick's Press.

The process of applying for admission to St. Patrick's begins anew each September. Begin the process by filling out an online inquiry form so that you receive an admission packet or start your application here.

The steps required to complete an application vary according to the division and grade level to which you are applying. For specific information, click on the division you are applying for below.

Out-of-town Applications—We regularly work with families in the process of relocating and seek to be as flexible and helpful as possible. Please contact the Admission Office directly to work out any necessary accommodations.

The Admission Office

Sara Dickson 
Director of Admission and Financial Aid 

Caroline Mullaney
Associate Director of Admission/Financial Aid

Charisse Noche
Admission Assistant/School Receptionist